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Lost Saga List Rare item And Epic Gear

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Lost Saga Gear List【Rare item & Epic Gear】

Ini List Epic Gear Lost Saga Yang Sudah Keluar / Yang Akan Keluar.

Epic Gear Normal【Beberapa Gear Ada Yang Hilang Di Toko Lost Saga Indonesia】

Rare Item 【Beberapa Sudah Keluar di Lost Saga Indonesia】




Jumpers Blue Jumpers Gold Jumpers Purple Jumpers Blue Soccer Uniform Red Soccer Uniform
Monk's Robe Dark Monk's Robe Fire Suit Hanbok Idol Outfit Priest Robe
School Uniform Servant Uniform Suspenders Tornado Robe Succubus Armor Alpha Armor
Santa's Outfit Leviathan Robe Volcano Armor Asura Armor Chi Master Robe

Bunny Ears Dark Bunny Ears Blue Psycho Helmet Red Psycho Helmet Angelic Halo Golden Halo
Phoenix Circlet Fedora Hurricane Hat Pharoh's Crown Priest Biretta Pumpkin Head
Translocator Vampire Mask Helm Of Leviathan Succubus Horn Volcano Helm Fire Dragon
Rudolf Horns Laser Goggle Chi Master Helmet

Angelic Wings Dark Angelic Wings Bazooka Shark Bazooka Crazy Board Devil Wings
Developer K's Backpack Electric Guitar Fire Orb Flamethrower Gyro Bomber Howling Blades
Mini Gun Fairy Wings Rocket Board Alpha Boomerang Odin's Spear Metal Wings
Storm Blade Talisman Of Dominance 9 Dragon Blades Santa's Sack Super Ball U.F.O
Succubus Whip Volcano Cape Leviathan's Staff T30 Megabat

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