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Fire Forget

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Download Game Fire & Forget: The Final Assault is a Combat Racing Game for PC. Fire & Forget: The Final Assault scene presents a fast and challenging race. feel the thrill that exist in this game. Fire & Forget is a shooting game that puts you in control of an impressive flying armored vehicle, fitted with 2 deadly weapons: a manual double canon with a sighting device and an auto-guided missile launcher. Automatically while the vehicle is moving forward at high speed, your job is to avoid all the obstacles and slaughter any enemies in your way. Lets Download Game Fire & Forget: The Final Assault Now...

Features:  100+ of enemies to blast in each level
 Drive and fly the most advanced vehicle ever created!
 10 challenging levels in all over a devastated post-apocalyptic world
 3 difficulty levels; Great replay ability 
Customize your vehicle with impressive skins and upgrades.
System Requirements:

Windows XP/7/8

Dual core 2 Ghz

512 MB RAM 

 500 MB Free HD Space 

128 bit 128 MB Vram
How To Install:
Only click .exe  wait for install enjoy



Download File : 

Password Setup : adx-team

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