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Plight Of The Zombie [ PC ]

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Plight of the Zombie is an strategy mini game. We square measure bored with all of those zombie games designed for those apathetic people that simply need to kill poor, innocent zombies all the time. you may take hold of hungry zombies and guide them in their quest of eternal craving.They’re simply hungry.With Features: Play over fifty deliciously intelligent puzzles, More levels being offered when unleash, Be one along with your inner zombie as you nom on toothsome brains, Appetizing store with lots of tasteful accessories for your zombies, Support a savory cause by serving to finish zombie hunger.

System Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Intel Pentium 4 (minimum)

512 MB RAM 

  400 MB Free HD Space

64 bit Vram


 Download Game :

 Pass Setup : adx-team

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