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Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis [RIP]

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Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis is a construction and management simulation video game for the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 2 based on the novel and film series Jurassic Park. The main point of the game is to recreate Jurassic Park - building a 5 star theme park with dinosaurs, and turning John Hammond's dream into reality. In the park, the player builds paths, amenities for visitors such as, food and restrooms, as well as enclosures and attractions. One must also keep the park safe and secure. The park can be populated with up to sixty dinosaurs, with twenty-five different species available. The player can also add attractions similar to those seen in the film, such as the safari seen in the Jurassic Park film, and additional attractions like a balloon tour and several varieties of viewing platform
Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis PC Game Screenshots

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