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The Lord Of The Rings

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The Lord Of The Ring: War Of The Ring is a Real Time Strategy game for PC. The game plays very like Warcraft III with additional options, some antecedently utilized in Battle Realms. an identical layout and system is employed, and also the player gets to manage hero units with special talents. Most regular units even have talents of their own. the sport additionally follows bound RTS conventions like having rally points and dominant unit creation and get of upgrades at selected buildings. Some options from Battle Realms that were carried over embody toggleable walking and running for units and also the ability to line buildings flaming. the sport additionally emulates Battle Realms’ principle and rule system, wherever combat expertise (or special actions) would offer a special resource that might be wont to obtain upgrades or units. This resource is termed principle or rule within the previous game, reckoning on the faction being employed, and is termed Fate here. The player will use Fate Points (gained in combat) to summon heroes, purchase their special talents, and activate special faction-specific Fate Powers which will aid him or her in gameplay. Also, some influence from Warcraft III will be seen. The Minions of Sauron should corrupt land with "war posts" before they will devolve on it - the same as the Warcraft III Undead faction's "blight". once enjoying because the Free Peoples, one gets to manage Huorns, the same as Warcraft Night Elf "Ancient Protector" units. The game options an honest associate degreed an Evil campaign, within which one fights the War of the Ring from opposing sides. the sport doesn't really waver outstanding battles like the Battle of the Pelennor Fields (except for the Battle of the Hornburg, featured within the smart campaign) however rather presents situations based mostly upon Tolkien’s writings (with variable degrees of license taken). for instance, the great campaign starts with Gimli and also the Dwarves fighting the Orcs within the Iron Hills, and one Evil mission has Grishnákh destroying the Beacons of Gondor. A a lot of devoted situation is that the defense of Osgiliath with Boromir and Faramir. lets, Download Free game The Lord Of The Ring: War Of The Ring Full RIP version Now....!

Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Intel Pentium 4 2,5 Ghz or Better
512 MB RAM
1 GB Free HD Space
64 bit 128 MB Vram
Direct X 9.0c

How To Install:
Unrar file with Pass
Click setup.bat
Start the game with Rings.exe File
Screenshot :

DOWNLOAD GAME The Lord Of The Ring: War Of The Ring (RIP/PC/ENG)
DOWNLOAD GAME The Lord Of The Ring: War Of The Ring (RIP/PC/ENG)http://pcmedia.gamespy.com/pc/image/article/693/693176/BFMEII025-small_1141339236.jpg

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